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Adbeat’s Greatest Hits: Our Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts Of All Time

For the past year or so we’ve been on our own little personal mission to become the top blog out there for information on Display advertising and paid traffic.

We’ve published close to one post every week.

Some were loved:


And some people still think we’re a Filipino beat boxer named “AdBeat”:


Nevertheless, we’ve done our best to provide people with the most in-depth information on Display Advertising out there.

Here’s a list of our Greatest Hits:

1. 7 Landing Page Styles That Work With Paid Advertising

A lot of people still focus on VSL and opt-in pages for paid traffic. These pages still work (and you’ll see a few great examples in this post), but we wanted to show you some alternatives that also do well on Display, and are often easier to get up and running.

2. The #1 Traffic Source You’re NOT Using: Content Discovery Networks

Content Discovery Networks (or “Native Ad Networks”) have grown in popularity over the past year or so. Everyone from viral sites to nutraceutical marketers to Big Brands are using networks like Taboola, Outbrain, rev:content and more to see amazing results. This is a must-read if you still haven’t branched out your campaigns to these amazing networks.

3. The 6 Elements of Landing Page Persuasion

Have you read Robert Cialdini’s Influence? It’s one of the top recommended marketing books out there. In his books he lists 6 key ways that persuasion works. This post takes his insights and applies them to your landing pages.

4. The Key To Paid Traffic? Knowing Your Customer’s “Awareness Level”

The style and tone of how you write in your ads and landing pages can determine the success of your entire marketing campaign. Your results will be sub-par if you write to the wrong “awareness level” your results will be sub-par. This post should be read by anyone who is not familiar with awareness levels.

5. Write Higher Converting Display Ads With These 8 Formulas

Writing a new ad creative from scratch can be difficult. I prefer to use templates and formulas as inspiration. This post gives you a list of 8 formulas and concepts that work well with Display ads. You can use this blog post as a cheat sheet when you need to come up with new ad creatives.

6. 76 Traffic Sources That Aren’t Google Adwords

The Big G reigns supreme when it comes to sheer volume and quality of traffic. But what if you want to expand beyond Google AdWords (or they don’t allow your offer)? This post contains a list of 76 alternative traffic sources you can test out.

7. [VIDEO] Quiz Landing Pages: Best For Cold Traffic?

The quiz landing page has been somewhat of a fad recently. However, it’s a fad that really works. This video blog posts shows you three different types of quiz pages from three different advertisers. If you’re on the fence about whether or not it’s worth the time to put together a “quiz funnel,” you definitely need to check out this video blog post.

8. How 7 Pro Advertisers Split Test Ad Creatives

One of the pillars of paid traffic success is split testing. We harp over and over again that cold traffic can be finicky and you never know what people will respond to. The only way to figure this out is to constantly split test your landing pages and ad creatives. This post shows you the split tests of 7 different advertisers who spend significant cash on Display. This is a great post for anyone looking for inspiration for ad creative split tests.

9. [VIDEO] Sales Funnel Breakdown: LifeLock

LifeLock is a B2C SaaS company that provides identity protection tools. LifeLock is HUGE and has a large ad budget for Display. Their ads and landing pages are dialed in. Not to mention they are masters at split testing different angles. This video blog post reveals their strategy and Display sales funnel.

10. The Business of Display Part 2: Viral Quiz Sites and Click Arbitrage

You’ve seen them. Those personality and celebrity quizzes that people constantly share. But do these sites actually make money? And if they do, how is it done? This post breaks down a few of the most popular quiz sites and shows you how they work.

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