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76 Traffic Sources That Aren’t Google Adwords

People ask us what other traffic sources are out there besides Google Adwords.

Below you’ll find a list of 76 of them.

The list spans various network types, from Native Ad Networks (like Taboola and Outbrain) to mobile networks (MoPub). It also includes a few niche networks that target the wealthy, prospects interested in fashion, female bloggers, etc.

This list is perfect for anyone in any niche who wants to scale their campaigns beyond Google.

Bradley Nickel

Online Marketing Guy |


  1. hey Mike and Brad, thanks for the traffic sources insights. some of them are relatively new to me. I know there’s no absolute answer, but I would like your suggestion on a ‘relevant’ and ‘appropriate’ traffic source(s) for an ecommerce store selling gemstones and gemstones jewelries?

    Your recommendation will be of high value saving me the trouble, money and time testing different traffic sources. My customer profile would consist of 60 percent women, 25-50yrs old, having a considerable amount of disposable income.Mostly from US, Canada, UK, Australia.

    Will highly appreciate your insights.

    • Hey Kevin,

      I would recommend starting with the Google Display Network and/or BingAds. Those two should give you the most bang for your buck off the bat.

      Thanks for your comment!



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