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[VIDEO] Quiz Landing Pages: Best For Cold Traffic?

Quiz Landing Pages were one of the biggest trends in 2014 and have continued strong so far this year. From personal experience, they tend to work very well. Anyone interested in testing out a new type of landing page should definitely check out the video below.

Today’s video shows you how these pages work, why they work, plus gives you a few great examples of Display advertisers who use them.

Bradley Nickel

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  1. Interesting concept, I will have to test it. It looks like a great way to incrementally engage visitors without them feeling exposed. I’ve been enjoying getting these emails/posts from you guys, please keep them rolling. Thanks!

  2. Hi,
    Great video.
    How would/could you use the quiz landing page for a construction company that wants to make appointments with homeowners who are interested in extending or refurbishing their homes(uk)?

    • Hey Faisal!

      Any relevant question you would use to “qualify” someone as a customer before taking them on could work here. You could ask them about what kind of work they want done, price range, home type, etc.

      I would also check out the landing pages shown in our blog post on lead generation for contractors. The advertiser shown (“HomeAdvisor”) uses quiz style landing pages to capture information about potential leads.

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. Brad, the quiz for the pro-gun website is made with the qzzr app if you’re wondering.

    Do you recommend any quiz software?

    • Interested to know what kind of software can create quizzes as well.

  4. Hi Brad,

    We have run into trouble using something like this on google – the questions appeared after the sales presentation as a “closer” to get them committed, and google disapproved the site, saying we were, “information harvesting”. This was in a health niche and we were selling a supplement (you featured us in a past blog post, actually 🙂 ). This makes me hesitant to test one as a lander – do you know what networks’ policies are as to what information you are allowed to ask for?

    • Hey Craig,

      This is a great question.

      I’m not sure which *specific* pieces of information Google allows you to ask for… but no the bottom line is this: Google is all about transparency.

      Any time you’re collecting data, you’ll need to clearly state what you’ll be using the information for. This can be as simple as writing a line by the survey that says “We’ll use your information to send you your survey results, offers, etc”. You’ll also need all the normal pages — a detailed privacy policy, disclaimers, terms & conditions, etc. Google also wants you to reveal how you make money.

      Yet, this might not be enough. Google has no specific *list* of what you need. Plus, it seems they take each advertiser case by case.

      So, my other suggestions would be:

      1. Find another advertiser on Google who uses similar landing pages. See what information they’re revealing and add the corresponding information to your own pages.

      2. If you spend a lot with Google you probably have (or can request) an account rep. The account rep will work with you to keep your pages compliant.

      I hope this helps and thanks for your question!


  5. Hey Brad!

    Could recommend a good quiz software?

    • Hey Jeffrey,

      I only know of one piece of software at the moment.

      You can find it here:

      I’ve personally never used it, but it was created by Ryan Levesque and his stuff is always top notch.



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