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[VIDEO] Convert More Paid Traffic With a “Pre Sell” Landing Page

Many advertisers are seeing amazing results with cold traffic by using what’s called a “pre sell” page. A pre sell page is a landing page that sets your prospect up to buy by providing valuable information in a non “salesy” way.

Today’s video shows you how it works,why it works, and offers a few great examples of Display advertisers who are using these pages very well.

Watch it:


Bradley Nickel

Online Marketing Guy |


  1. Nicely explaned, thanks. I can see how effective this is for an info product but do you see this principle as one that could be used for lead generation? for example: in different insurance markets? I see mostly cold traffic sent straight to a form fill page with these types of offers.

    • Hey Glyn!

      Pre sell pages can definitely be used for lead generation offers. Most lead generation advertisers use native ad/landing pages that tie their offers into relevant news stories.

      Check out our previous post: 7 Landing Page Styles That Work With Paid Traffic

      Look at landing page style #2 (Advertorials). The example of LowerMyBills (lead generation for mortgages auto/life insurance) is the great example of a lead generation advertiser who turns a news story into a pre sell lander.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Thank you for the post, I have tried Glucosil native ad type of landers, it gets a bunch of lander clicks, but zero conversion. I just wonder, for any health products, what is the trigger for patients to buy.

  3. Hi,

    How do i Create Pre-Sell pages ?

    Is there some kind of Software or Program to assist with building a Pre-Sell page ?



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