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NOW LIVE: See All Of Your Competitor’s Marketing Campaigns

Adbeat in itself is an amazing source of aggregate data for all of the competitive data that helps you get a leg up on the competition.

Now we’ve taken things a step further.

Introducing… Campaigns.

Campaigns take all of the aggregate data we collect for an advertiser and group it into specific marketing campaigns. Campaigns allow you to see all of the ad creatives, landing pages, publishers and networks your top competitor uses for their different marketing initiatives.

Here’s an example from Zulily, an e-commerce clothing company:


The bottom line is that Campaigns give you an even more granular look at your biggest competitor’s overall advertising strategy.

Want to see more information on how Campaigns work?

Watch this short video here:

At the moment, Campaigns are only available to Adbeat Enterprise subscribers. If you’re not an Enterprise subscriber, then please contact our sales team at to be upgraded.

If you’re not an Adbeat customer but want access to Campaigns and all of the other competitive data that Adbeat gives the industry’s best advertisers, publishers, and ad networks the upper-hand over the competition, then please click the button below to learn how Adbeat can help your business:


Bradley Nickel

Online Marketing Guy |


  1. Hi there,

    Which traffic sources does Adbeat have for ecommerce stores? We sell kitchenware.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Lee,

      Adbeat is a competitive intelligence platform. We don’t run traffic.

      However, if I was going to sell kitchenware I’d start out by advertising on the Google Display Network.

  2. Hi there,
    I was curious how is it possible that Adbeat can collect competitor campaign data.
    Excuse me if i’m wrong but is it legal/ethical?
    When I run my ad-campaigns, I wouldn’t want someone else to spy on my campaigns like that.

    • Hi Jay,

      We get our data by collecting ad creatives that are found on hundreds of thousands of publishers. We then sort and classify that data. The process is 100% legal and ethical.



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