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NEW FEATURE: Private Label Your Advertising Reports

New feature!

Adbeat Enterprise subscribers can now private label any advertising report (including the Advertiser Vertical Report) with their company logo and company name. This is good news for subscribers who want to send more professional looking reports to clients without having to make manual design changes.

How does it work?

First, Enterprise subscribers can change the logo and company name under in the “Private Labeling” tab on the “User Profile” screen:



The cover of any PDF or PPT report will now include your company logo…



And each page of the report will have your company name in the upper-right corner:



Private labeling is currently available for Enterprise subscribers only. 

If you’re not an Enterprise subscriber but want access to Private labeling (and tons of other amazing features), then please send an email to our sales team at sales at or sign-up below to get a Live Demo of Adbeat Enterprise:



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Bradley Nickel

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